Welcome to WebEMS! 


This is the place for registered student organizations or departments to request rooms and outdoor space for meetings and events. They may also request spaces at the Student Recreation Center, Intermural fields or other Athletic spaces. 


Step 1: If you have never used this system before or if you are getting an error message that says “Access to this application is denied” please click here to request an account.  You will be notified within 48 hours when your account is created. 


Step 2: Log In - Click on My Home above to Log In.  You can find answers to frequently asked questions by clicking here including questions about not seeing available rooms or selecting your customer (which is the name of your department or student org)


Step 3: Submitting your request - Click on Create a Reservation then select the appropriate request form.  If you just need a classroom or small conference room, please use the Fast request for classrooms and conference rooms.  If you need a large ballroom space, outdoor space or just want to see all available options, please choose the ALL event/classroom space form

If you have any additional questions that the FAQ can’t answer, please contact us at reservations@mines.edu or 303-273-3046

* Reservations for Spring 2023 can be made starting on October 10, 2022.