Welcome! (updated 8/2/21)
Current event hosting restrictions have been lifted. Externals (visitors) are welcome and food permitted. We are recommending a 10% reduction to max capacities for each space.  
To begin, please select My Account and Log In.  Make sure to include ADIT\ before your user name or you will not be able to access the system.
To browse space or check availability please use the Browse Tab
To schedule or modify your event please use the Reservations tab.  
Which form should I select? 
  • The ALL Event Space form is recommended for most event users as it will show you all of our available space options and allow you to request resources for your event.  Everything from ballrooms, conference rooms, classrooms and outdoor spaces.  This form requires that the event be a minimum of 3 days out.  

  • The Conference Rooms - No Set Up or Support form will allow you to book ONLY conference rooms INSTANTLY but will not come with any support including AV support, conference phones, etc.    Please note that rooms designated with "***" are only available for the specific department where they are located.  Please do not choose those rooms unless you are an employee in that department.  

  • The Intramural form is to request Intramural fields only

  • The Student Rec Center form is to request rec gyms, McNeil Room, etc.

  • The Other Athletics form is to request Volk gym, football field, track, etc. 
For Assistance please contact reservations@mines.edu or call (303) 273-3046.  
We also offer trainings for WebEMS - please email reservations@mines for additional information.